“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

C.S. Lewis - 

Do you find yourself at a crossroad in your life wondering:

- Is this it? 

- Have I really achieved what I wanted to? 

- Is this what I want to do the rest of my life?


Do you feel the need for:

-        pleasure?

-        energy?

-        balance in life so life doesn't catch up on you?

-        clarity about what you really want?

-        defining boundaries?

-        meaning or purpose in your life?

-        choosing what to do as opposed to feeling obligated?

-        being in connection with your body, mind en intuition? 

-        putting yourself first?

-        getting a better grip on your personal development?

In short: is there a current topic for you where you can't find your way around or want to spar about? Feel welcome to contact me for a no-obligation intake interview! See below under Free Intake.

Are you an employer and do you notice that your employees are having trouble finding their way due to, for example, uncertainties due to corona? Or because employees may experience too much work pressure and you want to spar about it? Please feel free to contact me. See below under Free Intake.

Why Your Journey coaching?

You are entitled to the best coaching!

As a coach I believe that:

- shortterm coaching is effective. And why shouldn't I wish that you can quickly move on?

- it is proven that shortterm coaching is more effective than years of guidance

- the coaching process is very personal. After all it's your process! 

- coaching sessions can take place online of live!

According to coachees, my strength and distinctiveness lies in that I attentively and calmly listen, ask and

summarize based on what I see and hear. And that I can reflect on you as a coachee with compassion for and 

in connection with you.



After the intake session I will draw up a coaching contract in which you describe your coaching question and goal. The coach contract also contains mutual expectations, agreements and privacy guarantees. If you decide to agree, you sign the contract after which the coaching can start.


Free Intake (live or online)

Curious about what Your Journey Coaching specifically can do for you? 

Contact me here for free intake interview or call (+31) 6 281 32 66 2.